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Deep Sea Fishing Daytona Beach Party Fishing boat Pastime Princess

Sun Deck of the deep sea fishing orlando Pastime Princess Engine Room aboard the party fishing boat pastime princess
  Wheel house of the fishing boat pastime princess

A brief History of the Pastime Pastime

The Pastime Princess was built in 1972 to be a support vessel for the oil rigs' in the gulf of Mexico. It was purchased some time in the early 80's and converted into a live aboard boat. To the best of our knowledge it changed hands one more time before becoming a fishing boat sailing out of NJ. We purchased the Pastime in the early 90's. We had the deck widened, the overhead cap cut back and the cabin redesigned. We plan in near future to widen the bathrooms and redo all the seating.


Some fun facts about the Pastime Princess

We have sonar and radar and the latest in GPS satellite navigation to get us through the most difficult weather

The original purpose of the vessel was to service oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico therefore it was built to withstand a category 5 hurricane

Fifty gallons of fresh water onboard

The Princess is almost 100 feet long from bow to stern and weighs 98 gross tons

Three 12 cylinder Detroit 1271 diesels with a combined horsepower of 2100

Two 30,000 watt electrical generators run by 2, 371 Detroit diesel engines

One thousand six hundred gallons of fuel capacity

The boat is scrubbed from bow to stern, inside and out every day

At cruising speed we use 50 gallons of fuel per hour

2 Carrier 5 ton air conditioners to keep us cool in the summer

The whole boat was extended 3 feet all around in 2001 to provide over 350 square feet of additional outside deck space. You can see the weld marks on the deck all around the boat.