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If we would not eat it then we don't expect you to either. One of the owners is almost always on the boat and what they eat and the crew eat for breakfast and lunch is what's made in our onboard restaurant. This is not micro-waved junk. Yes we do use a microwave on some things but most of the food is grilled right in front of you.


Egg & Cheese Sandwich $2.50
Bacon or Sausage & Egg Sandwich $3.00
2 eggs w/bacon or sausage and toast $3.75
Coffee/Tea (Free refill) $1.00


1/4 Lbs Hamburger $3.50
1/4 Lbs Cheese Burger $3.75
1/4 Lbs Bacon Cheese Burger $4.50
Grilled ham and cheese $4.00
Hot Dog $2.00
Chili Dog $2.50
Corn Dog $2.00
Grilled Cheese $3.00
BLT $3.50


Bud $3.00
Bud Light $3.00
Pepsi $2.00
Diet Pepsi $2.00
Mountain Dew $2.00
Ginger Ale $2.00
Water $1.50
Smoothies $3.00
Bar Candy $2.00
Bag Chips $1.00
Cookies $1.00


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