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*****This page is for Customers who have*******
Half Off Depot Only
Just because these days may be booked for half off depot ticket
does not mean we do not have full fare tickets left.  To book a
full fare ticket go here.
If you have a valid Groupon go here
For reservations other than Half Off Depot go here.
DO NOT CALL OUR RESERVATION NUMBER TO BOOK  HALF OFF DEPOT TRIP.  The women on the phone will not be able to take your reservation or answer any of your questions.  Please email me, Capt George, the owner of the Pastime Princess and I will more than happy to help you and answer any of your questions. If  you need to cancel or change your reservation please send me an email, DO NOT CALL the reservation #.
1-Dates in Green are available
2-Dates in white are Not available
3-Dates in pink with red #'s are Sold Out
4-Sunday's is our 10 hour trip and requires
an additional $10 (well worth it for 3 hours more)
There are no blacked out dates. If a date is in white it is because we are not scheduled to sail that day.
Book your Daytona Beach Deep Sea Fishing Trip

 After you book your trip:
Please call our reservation # 386 427 5393 (this is the only time it is ok to call our reservation number) after 7 PM the night before your trip and listen to the message on our answering machine to make sure we are sailing the next day. Sometimes we have to cancel due to bad weather and we don't want you wasting a trip down to the boat.  If we do cancel, please return here and make another reservation.

No glass bottles
No hard liquor
No coolers over 20 inches.
Be at the boat between 7:30 and 8:15 am, We leave at 8:45
For Sunday Trips be at the boat between 6:30 and 7:15 am, We leave at 7:45

Cancelation Policy
You MUST MUST MUST cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to your reservation. Others may want to come fishing that day and can not because all the spots are taken. If you are booking your trip, be sure you are going to come out. Your  voucher WILL be redeemed if you don't show up or try to cancel in less than 24 hours. Please send an email to cancel.