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Q I have never been on a boat, what's is the day like.
A The best way to answer this is to explain a typical trip. You should arrive about 45 minutes before our scheduled departure time. When you get there get on the boat and grab a rag from the bag that is sitting on the bench as you board. Take the rag and tie off a spot for yourself and for anyone else in your party. Next, go to the office that is located next to the boat and purchase your boarding pass and get back on the boat. That's it. Your on your way. The mates will make sure that you have a rod and reel of our own on the way to the fishing grounds. Now, sit back and enjoy the ride. Buy your breakfast from our onboard restaurant.
Q What is the Jackpot?
A The jackpot is like a 50/50 drawing without the 50. We don't take half. All the money collect for the jackpot goes to the winner. So, if there are 60 people on the boat and 50 people go in the jackpot then the person who catch's the biggest edible fish wins $250
Q Should I tip the mates?
A As you would with your waiter or waitress in a restaurant a 15% to 20% is customary but it all depends on how you felt you were treated. Our mates don’t charge for fish cleaning so they depend upon your generosity. Tips for the Galley person and the "Picture lady" are separate from the deck crew and from each other.
Q Are there restrooms on board?
A Yes, both Women's and Men's and they are CLEAN and well maintained with running FRESH water.
Q What do I need to bring with me?
A Nothing. We provide you with a rod, reel, bait and tackle. You can buy hot fresh cooked food, beer, soda and snacks from the galley. We do recommend you bring the following. Sunscreen, sunglasses, visor or hat.
Q Can I bring a cooler?
A Yes you can but it can be no larger than 20 inches.
Q Can I bring my own fishing gear?
A Of course
Q Are Children welcome?
Q How many people do you go out with?
A We are licensed for 150 people but we limit the size of the crowd to 66% of capacity.
Q How far out do you go out?
A We average between 11 and 23 miles but it all depends on where the fish are. On the ocean, every day is different.